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Meet the Team!

The Delran Democratic Committee is pleased to introduce their candidates for the 2022 Election. All three of our representatives bring their own unique experiences to Council as they continue to work to make Delran- Stronger than Ever! Ward 1- Nikki Roberts- Apeadu Councilwoman Nikki Roberts-Apeadu, her husband, and son have been residents of Riverside Park for 17 years. Coming to this country from Liberia at 19 years old; Nikki has always believed in a Democracy that provides a Government of the People, by the People and for the People. Nikki believes that to make your community a better place for…

Lawn Signs are Here!

The Delran Democratic Committee is pleased to announce that our lawn signs are ready for delivery! Please visit https://delran.net/signs and fill out the form to request your campaign lawn sign for Roberts-Apeadu, Lyon, and Smith!

Delran Appoints New Councilwoman to Ward 1

Following the resignation of Councilwoman Virginia Parejo, Delran Township has accepted the nomination of Nikki Roberts-Apeadu to fill the Ward 1 seat on Council. While we are sad to say goodbye to Councilwoman Parejo, who has done an incredible job representing her Ward and worked hard to address the needs of her neighbors; we are excited to welcome Councilwoman Apeadu to continue her predecessor’s work! A Hands on Approach Nikki came to this country from Liberia when she was 19 years old for a better opportunity. She has volunteered with numerous non-profits that have benefitted from her 25 years of…

Make a Plan to Vote November 8, 2022

Make a Plan to VOTE! There are 3 ways to VOTE on November 8, 2022! VOTE BY MAIL- Voting by mail is as easy as VOTE, SIGN, SEAL, RETURN. Any registered voter may apply to the county clerk’s office for a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application or by visiting VOTE.NJ.GOV   Applications must be received in the County Clerk’s Office at least 7 days prior to an election in order for a ballot to be mailed to the applicant. Send the application to: Honorable Joanne SchwartzBurlington County Clerk50 Rancocas RoadP.O. Box 6000Mount Holly, NJ 08060 Voters may also apply for a ballot in-person in the county…

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