Main issues

Unlike some politicians who promise the world just to get elected, you can trust us to keep Delran on the right track, not because we say so, but because we’ve DONE so. In the last eight years, Mayor and Council have brought about much-needed improvements to our community.

“We are dedicated to bringing much-needed improvements to our community.”

This Council has delivered the results Delran’s families demanded. We can believe them, not because they say so, but because they’ve done so!

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  • Taxes

    Our team has worked hard to stabilize the municipal tax rate. The township’s local purpose tax inched upward by only 2.15% over the last six years. That is about one-third of one percent each year.

    “Delran Township’s Financial Position is in a very strong! Notable credit factors include a robust financial position.”

    By managing our fund balance and watching spending, the residents have had two years with no tax increase, two years with a one-cent increase, and two years with a decrease in the tax rate.

    Even with declining state revenues to municipalities, we have prioritized excellent services such as leaf removal, snow removal, branch removal, trash removal, police services, continued improvements to Delran Community Park, and a 1.8-million-dollar road construction project.

    Comparative Tax Rate Summary

  • Open Space

    In an effort to preserve open space and build more recreation opportunity for residents, the team developed and opened Delran Community Park. The largest remaining tract of open space in Delran Township, called “Myers Tract,” was purchased using Green Acres and Burlington County Open Space money.

    The 34-acre tract of lands now holds four baseballs fields, a soccer field, and a soon to be all access playground.

    The latest improvements in Community Park, including scoreboards, bleachers and much more were made possible by the efforts of sponsors and the Delran Athletic Association. By working together with community organizations and professionals, we continue to protect open space within the community.

    In the winter of 2017, the first Winter Festival was held in Community Park which was a grand example of the tremendous Delran community spirit. Over 2,000 people gathered to welcome the holidays, see the tree lighting and take pictures with Santa.

  • Roads

    Paving roads, in need of repair, remains a major concern of our team.  Knowing that this directly impacts the day to day lives of every resident, we have increased the road budget from a small $400,000 annual program to a $1,800,000 in the last two years.

    Over the past 8 years, we have invested more money and effort into our local infrastructure than any prior 8 year period.

    Some recent road improvements include:

    • Brown
    • Chester
    • Drexel
    • Fox Chase
    • Greenbriar
    • Haines Mill
    • Main
    • Oxford
    • Tenby Chase
    • Third
    • Whitemarsh
  • More Efficient

    Made Delran government smaller, leaner, and more efficient by cutting costs and reducing staff through retirements while preserving vital services to the community.

  • Transparency

    All township meetings are both voice-recorded and recorded on video for residents. A copy of the voice recording can be obtained at the clerk’s office right after a meeting. The video recording is available shortly after the meeting by going to www.delrantownship.org > Government > Agendas and Minutes (Right Column)

    The township also has a Facebook page that posts information that is very timely and references the township website for more information.

    Additionally, in Spring of 2018, we started work to again renovate the township website to make it even easier to navigate.

  • Share Services

    Exploring new shared services agreements to save tax money through joint purchases and cooperation with neighboring towns and Delran’s Fire Department.

    The actual share service agreements are too numerous to list here. Be assured that from brine use for snow-covered roads, to fuel purchase for our police department, to sewer services, we are working hard to find everywhere that we can save a dollar by sharing services.

  • Public Engagement

    We have increased public engagement by founding the Delran Business Association, Delran Historical Society, the Winter Festival and the soon to be announced event on National Night Out.

    The most recent event, the Winter Festival in 2017, revamped the Tree Lighting event from an indoor, limited attendance event to a townwide, outside event that included every facet of the Delran community. With over 2,500 people, this event set the bar for the many events coming in the future.

  • Grants

    We saved taxpayers over $1 million through aggressive pursuit of county, state and federal grants.