Our aggressive road program has paved more roads in the last 12 years than in any 12 year period in Delran history. Excluding new roads, there are approximately 40 miles of roads that are to be repaved and we have already paved approximately 15 miles of the 40 miles of roads.

Some of the roads included were: Rt. 130, Chester Avenue, Main Street, Fox Chase Drive, Whitemarsh, Oxford, Greenbriar, Drexel, Tenby Chase Drive, Brown Street, Cleveland, Parry Road, Forge Road, Third Street, Swedes Run Drive, Moreland / Yansick and Roland Avenue, Litle Avenue, Lichtenthal Street, Antietam Road, and more!

The Exciting News is in cooperation with PSE&G and NJ American Water, we are preparing to pave about 5 miles of roads included in the 2020-2021 Road Program. That means that we will be completing the paving of half of the roads in need of repair.

Now, the utility companies are replacing many of their main pipes under Delran roads and we are working with them and adjusting our road program to pave, either completely or partially, the following roads:NOTE: Full-width means “Curb to Curb” and “Half-width” means Curb to Centerline.