Some people asked how the new brown trash buckets are working out since the new trash contract back in 2016.

If you recall, our trash contractor included a 96-gallon bucket for each house for the resident to use, at no cost.  Residents could, and did, purchase 1 or 2 additional buckets if they think that will need to put out more weekly than the amount contained in the 96-gallon buckets. They hold the equivalent of 3+ conventional cans. Three 96 gallon buckets are the equivalent of 10 conventional sized trash cans.

Well, besides the savings we received because the trash is staying dry because the new cans have lids that stay on, our residents have rallied when they recognized it makes more sense to pay less by recycling more and throwing out less.

An added bonus: So many people have commented that the town looks so much better on trash day because the trash is neat and tidy. As you travel to other towns, you will likely notice that in other towns, many people have bags and unsightly trash piled up around their cans.

Delran is saving money and looking better because of the new trash program.